Saturday, 16 June 2012


I pray to god
my heart soul and body
every single day of my life with every breath..
I suddenly promise to try to live my life
for you ,,ALLAH..
you did revive my soul and show your light into my heart
to pleasing you is now my only god
now i know how its like to have your precious love in my live
now i know how it feels to findly be at peace inside..
I wish that everybody knew how amazing it feels to love you
I wish that everyone could see how your love has set me free and made me strong
ALLAH... i'm forever grateful to you.. whatever i say could never enough..
you give me strength..i love you allah!
my love,,my live,my days,my nights,my wealth,my prayers all for you and i swear that i will never put 
anyone or anything before you..
thanks for everything..ALLAH!

# thanks for give the best parents to me,,HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!
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